Monday, July 9, 2012

It has been a long time since I posted anything,

Almost 4 years have gone by since my last post! I will come back to that!

Our little grandson Clutch D. Low

clutch was born on June 6, 2012. He went home this Heavenlyn Father minutes later! We were all shocked! We had prayed for a Miracle, but Heavenly Father had a plan! He needed him back with him! He was too perfect for this life! We will see him soon! The next few days following seem like a blur. The emotions I had were a taste of what Jesus felt in the Garden of Gethsemane! I felt every emotion one could imagine! Never did I ever think I would have to see my son and daughter in law go through so much agony, my heart was broken into pieces to see Chaisson go through this and to lose my precious perfect grandson. He is the the most perfect parts of Chaisson and Kylee, all made into to one perfect little Angel! Our little Clutch is named after his dad that loved Baseball. In many baseball games Chaisson came up in Clutch situations! If you know anything about baseball and know Chaisson you will understand why they named him Clutch! The perfect Angel! Thousands of tears have been shed for this little boy,and all worth every drop! He left such a mark in the world for so many! His spirit will forever be with us!after a couple of days I realized that this was real, it didn't seem real! You just go through the motions and emotions until the day you are so physically and mentally drained you collapse into a state of what in the world just happened? He is perfect he was so healthy, not one problem ever. And then your mind begans to grasp at any kind of answer how could this be? The emptiness in house after everyone is gone, reality sets in. What do we do know? This was going to be one of the happiest days of my life, and it turned out to be the absolute worst day ever imaginable. Chaisson was so excited to be a daddy. I would watch them prepare for this perfect little baby, with so much anticipation of who he would look like? How it would be with a baby in the house? What was his biggest fear? Chaisson and Kylee were so ready to be parents down to the perfect outfit, his Fidora hat, to all his Yankee shoes, hats, and onsies. He even has a collection of under armor, and old school rock band t-shirts, like his dad likes! His nursery is perfectly waiting for him. Ok if you know Kylee everything is perfect and cute all of the time so you could only imagine the wardrobe Clutch has! I was truly in awe the moment I saw Kylee at the viewing with a smile on her face glancing down at her beautiful Prince. The son of a King. Words cannot describe how my heart felt that day we had to say goodbye! The next hour was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Chaisson was incredibly strong, there was nothing I could do as his mom. I could not fix this, or take away the agony and pain my son was feeling. I would take every fiber of his pain away in an instant if I could. I knew Heavenly Father had his arms around Chaisson that day because no 21 year old boy or 22 year old girl should ever have to endure such a tragic loss! All I could do was hug my son and try to be strong for them! No parent should ever have to see there child go through this. I is incomprehensible, the sadness I felt for them. Clutch is with them ever day, I see clutch 's spirit radiately through them every minute, and the love they have for each other is amazing! They are truly my heroes! No one else could endure this challenge in life accept for two loving obedient children of God that will strive to be perfect to be with their perfect little baby boy Clutch D. Low.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Broken Ankle

This was Hunter's collision! He did get the out!


This is our golden. He's quite the character. He does the conga! He is a big boy!

Home Run Hitter

This is an amazing story! This is about a boy, who didn't really even want to play baseball this year! He was sick of baseball because thats all he ever does. He started this year playing for KB Oil. Cooper blossomed into a true player. He played first base and made every play. The really kicker was, when I was up a state with Chaisson, and Dave was coaching Hunter on the lower field. Our ten year little boy hit a home run out of the park to the creek side. Neither parent was there. It was amazing the fans went crazy. I had to hold on to my bonnet when Dave called me to tell me the news. Wow! Unbelievable! Coop was the first one in our family to hit a home run, at 10...........This changed his whole world. He was the clean up hitter, and made All Stars this year!